OSRS Thieving Guide - Quickest 1-99 level

Why can’t you tell thieves a joke? They take things literally.

And that’s precisely why you’re here, right? To take all of our knowledge and use it to boost straight to 99 Thieving? Well then, let’s get started with our Thieving guide OSRS:

OSRS Thieving guide (1-99) - Members Guide

Useful equipment for Thieving OSRS:

Dodgy necklace - These highly fashionable necklaces are the mark of a real thief. At the cost of around 750gp/necklace, from the Grand Exchange, these give you 25% of avoiding being stunned when you fail to pickpocket. This means you can significantly increase your XP/hr by investing in the necklaces.

Level 1-14: Quest - Fight Arena

Location: Talk to Lady Servill at the Monastery south of Ardougne.

Completing the Fight Arena quest will boost you straight up to level 14, a speedy way to get your thieving skill started.

Note that while there are no requirements to start this quest, you will need to be able to kill a level 44, 67, and 137 monsters!
Rewards: OSRS fight arena rewards

Level 1-5 (alternative method): Pickpocketing men & women

  • Location: Edgeville
  • 5000xp/hr
  • about 5 minutes

I mean, it’s kind of in the title isn’t it? Head to Edgeville to find a house full of them and get started!

Level 5-20: Bakery Stalls

  • Location: Ardougne Market
  • 10000xp/hr
  • about 25 minutes

I advise taking as much cake as you possibly can from the Ardougne market. Note that the guards will attack you if they see you stealing from the stall, therefore you should make sure you whack them to death with your newly acquired loaf of bread.

If you’re on an ironman account, it may be worth staying here a bit longer to stockpile the free food; cakes heal a whopping 12hp each!

Level 20-25: Silk Stalls

  • Location: Ardougne Market
  • 15000xp/hr
  • about 15 minutes

The silk stalls in Ardougne Market are free OSRS gold, so why wouldn’t we take advantage? Stealing from these stalls is very similar to the Cake Stalls, so walk the short distance and get going! OSRS silk stalls

Usefully, you can bank the silk here and then take it over to the Silk Trader in Al Kharid to sell for a nice profit of around 30000 Gp/hr - win, win!

Level 25-45: Hosidius Fruit Stalls

  • Location: Hosidius
  • 40000xp/hr
  • about 2-3 hours

You’ll need to gain a 15% favor to be able to train here, but trust me, it’s worth it. The XP/hr here is more than double any other method on offer at this level.

While you’re thieving here, you may encounter one or two rather vicious looking hounds. To ensure you don’t lose your fingers picking up those seeds, i’d suggest trapping the dogs in the building close by, as shown. Complete thieving guide OSRS

This will allow you to get the best XP rates possible while training here.

Level 30-37: Quest - The Feud (requirements: 30 thieving)

Location: Talk to Ali Morrisane in northern Al Kharid.

Completing The Feud quest will boost you straight up to level 37 thieving, this means you don’t have to stand around picking up seeds for quite as long.

Note that while there are no other requirements to start this quest, you will need to be able to kill level 70 and 75 foes!
Rewards: The Feud quest reward

Completing The Feud quest not only gives you the award of a tasty amount of experience but also unlocks the Blackjack. This is important, as we’ll be using this to level our Thieving skill further!

Once you’ve completed the quest, it’s back to the Hosidius Fruit Stalls until level 45!

Level 45-55: Blackjacking Bearded Bandits

  • Location: Pollvinech
  • 70000xp/hr
  • about 1 hour

Okay, so you’ve got good at taking things on the sly, aye? Well, now we’re not going to hide the fact that we’re pickpocketing these bandits (they are bandits, after all)! So, take your Blackjack and knock them out, then pickpocket each bandit twice. Rinse and repeat.

Make sure you’re wearing your dodgy necklace from here on out, as it’ll save you a lot of time!

Level 55-65: Blackjacking Non-Bearded Bandits (holding Scimitars)

  • Location: Pollvinech
  • 100000xp/hr
  • about 5 hours

Time to get a little more dangerous here, we’re going to go for the Non-Bearded Bandits, which yield more experience. You can tell these apart as they wield a Scimitar, as shown. Non-bearded bandits at OldSchool RuneScape

As with every thieving method, we suggest locking these in a house so they can’t run away.

Level 65-91: Blackjacking Menaphite Thugs

  • Location: Pollvinech
  • 175000xp/hr
  • about 15 hours

You really can’t miss the Menaphites; their quirky fashion sense makes sure you know who to pickpocket. This part can be quite a grind, but you won’t find a quicker method of training your Thieving skill. If for some reason, you do find that you need a break, we suggest looking at the alternative methods of training found at the end of this guide.

Level 91-99: Pyramid Plunder (requires: Quest - Icthlarin’s Little Helper)

  • Location: Desert
  • 250000xp/hr
  • about 30 hours

Pyramids thieving Want do you usually find hidden in old pyramids? Treasure, of course! Pyramid Plunder is no exception. While training here, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock some Golden Chests. Inside these, you may find yourself a Pharaoh’s Sceptre. This rare item can be sold on the Grand Exchange for a nice profit!

Other noteworthy high-level training methods for Thieving OSRS:

  • Level 55+ Knights of Ardougne
  • Level 71+ Pyramid Plunder
  • Level 84+ Rouge’s chests