OSRS Crafting Guide - Best Methods (1-99)

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Time to sit down and get the sewing needles out, we’re crafting!

OSRS Crafting is one of OSRS artisan skills; this is where we turn resources we’ve gathered (or bought) into other, more useful items. We’re going to focus on the quickest way to level at each (needle)point of your journey.

Note that crafting can be a pretty cost-expensive skill to level, so if you need some extra OSRS gold, don’t forget to check out our trusted sellers!

At the end of this guide, we also include some alternative ways to train crafting, which instead yield a profit in RuneScape gold per hour, but of course, the trade-off is much less experience per hour.

Crafting OSRS guide 1-99

OSRS Crafting guide - Complete 1-99 Guide

Useful equipment/quests for Crafting OSRS:

  • Quest: Sheep Shearer (requirements: none)
  • Starting location: Farmer north of Lumbridge.
  • Rewards:
Sheep Shearer quest reward
Crafting OSRS guide 1-99

Level 1-54: Cutting Gems

OldSchool RuneScape Opal gem Level 1-20: Cutting Opal Gems

  • 25000 XP per hour
  • about 500 uncut opals required
  • about 10 minutes

Cutting gems is a speedy way to gain crafting experience. Cutting gems requires a chisel, which can be brought on the Grand Exchange for around 500 coins.

Opals that have been cut are worth over twice as much as an uncut opal, so even though you’ll crush quite a few gems, you should break even while completing this method.

OldSchool RuneScape Saphire gem Level 20-27: Cutting Sapphire Gems

  • 140000 XP per hour
  • exactly 106 uncut sapphires required
  • about 5 minutes

Cutting Sapphires is a lot quicker than the previous opal gems; however, you’ll operate at a loss here. Boosting from level 20-27 will cost you around 40,000 gold once you’ve sold your uncut sapphires back to the Grand Exchange.

OSRS Emerald gem Level 27-54: Cutting Emerald Gems

  • 170000 XP per hour
  • about 2100 uncut emeralds required
  • about 2 hours

Once you reach level 27, we highly recommend changing to cutting emeralds. Not only are they cheaper, therefore saving you some cash, but they also have a higher XP per hour than sapphires.

Cutting Emeralds from level 27 to level 54 should cost you around 650,000 OSRS gold if you sell the cut emeralds back to the Grand Exchange afterward. Who said OSRS crafting XP was cheap?

If you find that this method is too expensive, you can always stick to cutting opal gems until level 54, but note that this takes around five times as long due to the decreased XP per hour. You should make a small profit, though!

Crafting OSRS guide 1-99

Level 54-63: Crafting Battlestaves

OSRS Water Battlestave Level 54-58: Crafting Water Battlestaves

  • 250000 XP per hour
  • about 750 water orbs and battle staves required
  • about 1 hour

To craft elemental battlestaves, you need to connect the elemental orb (water in this case) to the battlestave. This method is one of the quickest ways to train your OSRS crafting level, with XP rates of around 250k experience per hour.

OSRS Earth Battlestave Level 58-63: Crafting Earth Battlestaves

  • 275000 XP per hour
  • about 950 earth orbs and battlestaves required
  • about 90 minutes

At level 58, you’ll unlock the ability to craft Earth Battlestaves, these are not only faster experience, but also cheaper to craft than Water Battlestaves.

You could, if you wanted, continue to make Earth Battlestaves past level 58, until level 63. However, the following method shown gives more XP per hour for a lower price.

Crafting OSRS guide 1-99 Level 63-66: Crafting Green D’Hide Bodies

OSRS Green D’Hide Body

  • 300000 XP per hour
  • about 2100 Green Dragon Leather and 700 Thread required
  • about 2 hours

Crafting Green D’Hide Bodies requires needle and thread, a lot of thread. This method, while not remotely attractive, does provide up to 300000 experience per hour. This makes for a rather quick way to train your crafting to level 66, ready to move back to Battlestaves!

Crafting OSRS icon Level 66-71: Crafting Air Battlestaves

OSRS Air Battlestave

  • 330000 XP per hour
  • about 2100 air orbs and battlestaves required
  • about 4 hours

Air Battlestaves are quicker and cheaper still, but we can almost guarantee that your gold reserves will have taken quite a hit here. Remember that if you need some extra OSRS gold, don’t forget to check out our trusted sellers!

If you don’t want to move onto the EVEN QUICKER (and more expensive) methods of training your crafting, you could continue to make Air Battlestaves until level 99, stats for this are shown below:

Level 71-99: Crafting Air Battlestaves

  • 330000 XP per hour
  • about 91000 air orbs and battlestaves required
  • about 165 hours
  • the estimated cost of 50 million gold
Crafting guide OSRS

Level 71-99: Crafting D’Hide Bodies

Level 71-77: Crafting Blue D’Hide Bodies

OSRS Blue D’Hide Body

  • 350000 XP per hour
  • about 9500 Blue Dragon Leather and 3200 Thread required
  • about 10 hours
  • estimated cost 4 million gold

Crafting Blue D’Hide Bodies provides about 20000 XP per hour more than crafting Air Battlestaves, but costs around 2gp/XP more. This means that it’ll cost around 4million gold to level up to level 77.

Level 77-84: Crafting Red D’Hide Bodies

OSRS Red D’Hide Body

  • 350000 XP per hour
  • about 19000 Red Dragon Leather and 6400 Thread required
  • about 10 hours
  • estimated cost 10 million gold

You’ll need a monumental amount of Red Dragon Leather to be able to craft up to level 84, where we’ll be changing to the faster way to gain OSRS crafting experience - Black D’Hide Bodies.

Level 84-99: Crafting Black D’Hide Bodies

OSRS Black D’Hide Body

  • 430000 XP per hour
  • about 120000 Black Dragon Leather and 40000 Thread required
  • about 100 hours
  • estimated cost 90 million gold

After you’ve sold your Black D’Hide Bodies, you’ll end up with a deficit of around 90 million gold. BUT you’ll be level 99! So get these fireworks ready, free your cape slot and wear your new Crafting Skillcape with pride - you bought it!

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Other noteworthy training methods for Crafting OSRS:

Level 1-30: Making Gold Jewelry
You should only be making Gold Jewelry below level 30, as they are prolonged experience per hour. They do, however, provide you with a small profit. Always aim to make the highest level piece of jewelry possible to you!

Level 16-30: Making Silver Jewelry
Much like making Gold Jewelry, Silver is just as profitable but provides more experience than its gold counterparts.

Level 82+: Making Amethyst items
Making Amethyst items provides around 100000 XP per hour but does give a nice profit too. There are three Amethyst items worth making:

  • Bolt Tips,
  • Arrow Tips
  • Arrow Heads

Although the level requirements may change, they all provide the same amount of experience.

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