1-99 OSRS Construction Guide Construction in OSRS, while an gold-expensive skill, can open up many opportunities to make RuneScape a more enjoyable game.

OSRS construction is mainly used to upgrade the player-owned house, or POH for short. Leveling up your construction will allow you to upgrade your player-owned house, which will give you access to all kinds of unique methods of transportation, healing, and storage.

Many of these forms of transportation, storage, and healing are essential for ironmen and ultimate ironmen alike, making it a good skill to invest both time and OSRS gold.

This guide will go into depth on how to get to level 99 construction from level 1 construction both cheaply and quickly.

Choosing your OSRS construction leveling method

When choosing how to train construction, there are many different routes, but the two main ways are cheap and fast. The inexpensive way will take longer but be less expensive than the quick way. The fast way will take much less time but will be much more costly than the cheap route.

Cheap Route

  • Wooden chairs levels 1 - 4
  • Wooden bookcases levels 4 - 9
  • Wooden larder levels 9 - 15
  • Repair bench levels 15 - 16
  • Crafting table 1, levels 16 - 22
  • Oak Dining table levels 22 - 31
  • Curved oak table levels 31 - 33
  • Oak Larders levels 33 - 50
  • Mounted mythical capes levels 50 - 99

Fast Route

  • Wooden chairs levels 1 - 4
  • Wooden bookcases levels 4 - 9
  • Wooden larder levels 9 - 15
  • Repair bench levels 15 - 16
  • Crafting table 1, levels 16 - 22
  • Oak Dining table levels 22 - 31
  • Curved oak table levels 31 - 33
  • Oak Larders levels 33 - 52
  • Mahogany tables levels 52 - 77
  • Gnome benches levels 77 - 99

Tip: At level 30 construction, remember to turn in your long and curved bones to Barlak in Dorgesh-Kaan for free construction XP!

How to train OSRS Construction efficiently

From level 1 to level 40, players should set their house to Rimmington, keep all of their noted planks in their inventory, and run to Phials to un note them when needed.

OldSchool RuneScape butler Players can do this by just taking a few steps out of their player-owned house to talk to Phials. He will then un note the planks for only a few Gp each. Once a player reaches level 40, they can go to the servants guild in Rimmington, where they can hire the butler until level 50, where they can then employ the demon butler.

These butlers will bring the player planks from their bank when requested for a small fee.

Tip: Remember, butlers will need a place to sleep and a servant’s money bag with Gp inside to function correctly.

Helpful Rooms for the Player Owned house

Costume Room (Level 42) - The costume room holds many storage options such as Treasure chest to store clue rewards, the Armour case to store non-magic armor, the Magic wardrobe to store magic armor, and the Cape rack to store achievement capes.

Chapel (Level 45) - The Chapel is mainly used to train and restore prayer via the Prayer altars that can be built, which repair your prayer and the incense burners that can be constructed to increase prayer Xp when sacrificing bones to the Altar.

Portal Chamber (Level 50) - The portal chamber’s primary use is to contain portals that can teleport you all around Gielinor.

Superior Garden (Level 65) - The Superior Garden is essential due to its Pool, which can be used to restore all stats at max level when a player drinks from it. It also can hold a fairy ring and spirit tree, which can be useful transportation options.

Portal Nexus (Level 72) - The portal nexus room is a large room that holds the portal nexus. The portal Nexus is one teleporter that can hold many different locations, as well as a spot for the wall, mounted teleporting necklaces such as the Xeric’s talisman and Digsite pendant.

Achievement gallery (80) - The achievement gallery can hold a wide range of items such as the jewelry box full of teleports and the Magic altar, which can switch your spell books easily without having to run all the way to their respective Altars.

How to boost construction levels

The easiest way to boost some quick OSRS construction levels is to use a Crystal Saw, which gives an invisible +3 construction boost for free. Next is to make a Cup of tea (gold) and drink it, which provides an additional +3 construction boost.

The final way which does not stack with the tea is to use spicy stews, which can be obtained from the rat pits minigame. This boost can give you up to a +5 increase but also could give a -5 boost or anywhere in between. Stew boosts run out quite quickly, so make sure to have all the materials needed before you drink your stew.

Extra construction uses

A high OldSchool RuneScape construction level has a few more valuable uses that come along with it, ranging from helping with treasure trail clue steps to the Chambers of Xeric.

For clue steps, 108 different STASH units can be built to store clue items, so one never has to worry about forgetting their items on a clue step! Building a STASH unit requires planks of a specific wood ( Easy and Beginner - 10 Planks, Medium - 10 Oak Planks, Hard - 10 Teak Planks, Elite - 10 Mahogany, Master - 10 Mahogany and one gold leaf) along with ten nails of any type as long as they are all the same.

When a player reaches 99 construction, they gain access to the 99 construction achievement cape, which can be bought from any estate agent for 99,000 Gp. This cape allows the player to teleport to their player-owned house whenever they feel. This can be very useful to healing up quickly or if a location needs to be teleported to instantly!

Another significant advantage of a high construction level is the ability to build storage units in the Chambers of Xeric. At level 90 construction, it allows players to store up to 1,000 Chambers of Xeric items or 90 players owned items with no hassle maxing it essential for players who chose to take on the Chambers of Xeric.