OSRS Splashing Guide. Quick 1-99 Magic AFK Splashing in OSRS is the act of purposely getting below -65 magic attack bonus to hit only 0 damage on an enemy when casting a spell. This way is a straightforward method to train magic cheaply and very AFK.

Because of the lack of attention needed, many people use this method while doing other things in real life, such as working, studying, watching television, etc.

Splashing magic is a widely used method for members players on both mains and specialty accounts due to the lack of hp levels gained. Splashing is even obtainable for free-to-play OldSchool RuneScape players if needed.

OSRS Splashing guide will go over exactly how to splash in Oldschool RuneScape, what armor to use, where to splash, and what spells to use to get from level 1 to 99 magic by splashing in OSRS. OSRS splashing

Splashing spots in OSRS

Certain spots in OSRS are contested for splashing, but there are a few spots in OSRS where other splashers do not often go.

When choosing a place to splash in OSRS, take into account how many people are here, what level are the enemies, how AFK are the enemies. At peak times of the day, many people could be logged onto one spot, making it hard to find a creature to splash on.

So when choosing your spot, make sure it is easy to find a place quickly whenever you need it. For most splashing spots, players look for low-level enemies to make sure they do not have to bring food.

Choosing a right spot is more essential for lower defense players as stopping to eat food or running back to the location can be detrimental to XP rates.

Enemies with special abilities can cut into your XP rates, so make sure to avoid these as well. As an example, here are some secret often uncontested spots for splashing. All of these spots are accessible for both Members and Non-members.

  • In the Draynor Village houses, there are rats that are often free to splash on.
  • On the Port Sarim docks, there are many seagulls that can be free to splash on.
  • In level 2 of the Stronghold of Security, there are many rats open to splash on.
  • In the Champions Guild, there are chickens that are often available to be splashed on.
  • The Sorceress’s house in Al Kharid has three spiders crawling around it, which can make excellent splashing creatures.
  • In the Varrock Palace, there is a single Monk of Zamorak who can be splashed on safely.
  • In the 3rd story of the Wizards tower, there is a Lesser Demon who can be splashed on.

Tip: When splashing on rats in members’ worlds, there is a chance another player could come and kill your rat with a cat. This issue should be taken into consideration when choosing to splash on any rats.

OSRS Splashing Gear

To achieve the -65 magic attack bonus required to splash enemies making sure you deal 0 damage every single hit, full plate armor of any kind such as Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mithril, Adamant, and Rune can be worn along with d’ hide vambraces or a Cursed goblin staff. OSRS splashing guide

Tip: We recommend to have level 40 range required to use the Green d’ hide vambraces so the staff spot can hold a fire staff for unlimited fire runes. A fire staff is more useful than a Cursed Goblin Staff because of the Cursed Goblin Staff’s inability to provide free runes.

1-99 OSRS Magic Guide

AFK OSRS 1-99 magic level guide There are two main methods to achieve 99 magic via splashing, the fast way, and the cheap method. The quick method uses the highest level fire spell available to the player, whereas the cheap method uses the level 13 spell, fire strike, all the way to level 99 magic.

The benefits of the fast method are that it takes significantly less time and 836,423 fewer spell casts than the cheap method. The problem with the fast method is that it costs well over 100 million more OSRS gold than the cheap method.

Fast Method

  • Cast Wind Strike 334 times for level 13 Magic to unlock Fire Strike
  • Each Wind Strike Costs Approximately 8 Gp (8 x 334 = 2,672 Gp)
  • Cast Fire Strike 915 times for level 35 Magic to unlock Fire Bolt
  • Each Fire Strike Costs Approximately 16 Gp (16 x 915 = 14,640 Gp)
  • Cast Fire Bolt 6,536 times for level 59 Magic to unlock Fire Blast
  • Each Fire Bolt Costs Approximately 130 Gp (130 x 6,536= 849,680 Gp)
  • Cast Fire Blast 27,900 times for level 75 Magic to unlock Fire Wave
  • Each Fire Blast Costs Approximately 260 Gp (260 x 27,900 = 7,254,000 Gp)
  • Cast Fire wave 177,910 times for level 95 Magic to unlock Fire Surge
  • Each Fire Wave Costs Approximately 450 Gp (450 x 177,910 = 80,059,500 Gp)
  • Cast Fire Surge 83,586 times for level 99 Magic!
  • Each Fire Surge Costs Approximately 520 Gp (520 x 83,586 = 43,464,720 Gp)
  • Total Approximate Method Cost = 128,645,212 Gp

Cheap Splashing Technique

  • Cast Wind Strike 334 times for level 13 Magic to unlock Fire Strike
  • Each Wind Strike Costs Approximately 8 Gp (8 x 334 = 2,672 Gp)
  • Cast Fire Strike 1,133,270 times for level 99 Magic!
  • Each Fire Strike Costs Approximately 16 Gp (16 x 1,133,270 = 18,132,320 Gp)
  • Total Approximate Method Cost = 18,134,992 Gp

How to Splash in OSRS

To Splash in OSRS, go to your desired splashing spot. Bring the runes you will need along with the gear required to achieve -65 magic. Equip your equipment and turn on auto retaliate. If you brought an elemental staff, select the option to cast your spell as your base attack.

Start attacking the desired enemy, and your character will start to gain magic XP based on your desired spell’s level without obtaining any hitpoints XP.

Tip: You must interact with the game every 20 minutes to keep from being logged out.