RuneScape 3 & OSRS Bonds - Everything About RS Bonds

The name’s Bond, Runescape Bond

Runescape bonds were introduced into the game in 2013. There are a few different versions of these bonds, released across both Runescape 3 (RS3) and Oldschool Runescape (OSRS).

This guide aims to provide you with all the knowledge you need around both Runescape Bonds and OSRS bonds.

Tradable RuneScape Bonds

You can purchase Bonds on the Grand Exchange at a price determined by the community. At the time of writing, Bonds were about:

  • 25m gold for an RS3 bond
  • 3.7m gold for an OSRS bond

OSRS & RS3 bonds explained Bonds can be purchased from the Runescape website for a cost in real-world money. Once this purchase has been made, a RuneScape bond(s) will appear in your player’s inventory in a ‘tradable’ state.

Bonds can also be made into a tradable state from an ‘untradeable’ bond by paying 10% of its market price in gold. This will then allow you to use your Bond for a multitude of reasons.

Tradable bonds can be exchanged with other players by either ‘trading’ with them, through the Grand Exchange, or by ‘gifting’ them a Bond. Ironman players do not have access to trades or the Grand Exchange; therefore, the only way for them to receive a bond in-game is for another player to gift it to their account.

Untradeable RuneScape Bonds

Untradeable RuneScape Bonds When a bond is transferred from one player to another (including through the Grand Exchange), then it will turn into an ‘untradable’ state. In this state, the player has one of two options:

  • Redeem the Bond for in-game rewards, including membership
  • Pay 10% of the market value of the Bond to make it tradable again

Redeeming a Bond

A bond has many uses; these are different across the two versions of RuneScape too, find below a list of the uses for each of the tradable bonds.

OSRS bond redemption

When you first purchase your OldSchool RuneScape bond from the Runescape website, you will find the Bond in your ‘bond pouch’, located in the settings tab of your Hotbar.

OldSchool RuneScape bond pouch
In this Bond Pouch, you’ll have the option to redeem your Bonds or to transfer them into your Pouch/ Backpack.

Once you have your OSRS bond in a tradable state, you can redeem it, as shown below. Currently, the only option for redeeming bonds in OSRS is either to pay for membership or an early name change for your character.

Radeem RuneScape bond
When redeeming your bonds for OSRS membership, the following options are available:

  • 14 days membership = 1 bond
  • 29 days membership = 2 bonds
  • 45 days membership = 3 bonds

RuneScape 3 membership
Note that any membership you buy for your account will also let you play the RS3 members account too!

Remember, you can always sell unwanted bonds which are in the ‘tradable’ state to other players for OSRS gold, instead of redeeming them for membership. A lot of players use this method to ‘buy’ gold legitimately from the Runescape website.

RS3 bond redemption

When you first purchase your RS3 bonds from the Runescape website, you will find them in your backpack. You can store these bonds safely in the ‘currency pouch’ by right-clicking them.

RS3 has many options for redeeming bonds, some of these features are not so well known to the community, so we’ll list them all below.

  • Membership packages

When redeeming your bonds for RS3 membership, the following options are available:

  • 14 days membership = 1 bond
  • 29 days membership = 2 bonds
  • 45 days membership = 3 bonds

RuneScape membership packages
Note that any membership you buy for your account will also let you play the OSRS member’s account too!

  • Character name change

RuneScape character name change Much like the OldSchool RuneScape bonds, in RS3, any player can opt to change their character’s name by redeeming one bond.

Now you no longer have to be stuck with the awful name you input eight years ago in your early teens!

  • Runemetrics Pro

Runemetrics Pro is RS3’s all in one analytics tool. It allows you to track lots of different information about your account. This includes current player wealth, experience gained per hour, amount of time needed to train until you gain a level in any chosen skill, the value of loot obtained.

This makes Runemetrics Pro an incredibly versatile, yet somewhat expensive tool. In our opinion, if you want access to Runemetrics Pro, try it for a month before committing for any more extended period!

  • Aura purchase

While most Aura’s are purchasable from the Loyalty store, there are two Aura’s which may only be redeemed by the use of a bond. These are:

RuneScape 3 Majerrat Aura Majerrat Aura - increases the player’s damage dealt and the cap for divine locations by 5%.

RuneScape 3 Dwarven Aura Dwarven Instinct Aura - it allows the wearer to find magical chests of loot while training skills and killing monsters.

  • Treasure Hunter Keys

RuneScape 3 Treasure Hunter Keys
Treasure Hunter keys can be awarded through playing RS3, or you can redeem bonds to purchase extra keys. Usually, one bond will be redeemable for 15 Treasure Hunter keys.

  • RuneCoins

RuneScape RuneCoins
Bonds can also be redeemed for RuneCoins. Each Bond will award 195 RuneCoins, which can be spent in the loyalty store to reward cosmetic overrides and bank expansions for enhancing your RS3 gameplay.

  • Portable Trader

RuneScape 3 portable trader
Vik, the Portable trader, can exchange bonus experience from an only skill into bonus experience from another ability, therefore allowing you to transfer your bonus experience to those more difficult, or more expensive skills.

  • Yak-Track Tokens

The Yak-Track provides players with a series of tasks to complete in-game for some cosmetic and XP rewards. Redeeming bonds allows you to use some Yak-Track tokens to skip tasks effectively, yet still claim the rewards! RS3 yak track